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A creative and inspiring educator is required to fulfil a full-time home-schooling role to start no later than January 2021. The Tutor will be responsible for the education of a delightful boy, soon to be 8. They may have the opportunity to collaborate with another teacher and pupils of a similar age in the ‘pod’ created for Covid-19. A love of travel and the outdoors, along with SEN experience, would be highly beneficial. The role will commence in Kentucky, USA.


The student is currently 7 and in 2nd Grade. Having formerly attended a British international pre-school and a project-based progressive school for kindergarten in New York, he later completed 1st Grade in a school specialising in dyslexia. Most recently, he joined a collaborative home school ‘pod’ with some other students and a Tutors International Tutor. The benefits of the move to the ‘pod’ were twofold. Firstly, to meet desired safety requirements of the Covid-19 pandemic, and secondly, to prepare for envisaged, extensive travel in the future. Succeeding current travel restrictions and worries, prospective travel plans would include stays in New York City, Europe and Asia.

He is a wonderful, fun and kind boy. He is always helpful, considerate and well-liked by teachers and peers. He appreciates truthful teachers and those who strive to entertain and are good listeners. He finds conventional classes boring and needs to feel inspired and engaged away from the norm. His ideal teacher would deliver minimal prescribed maths and written work, and certainly no homework or ‘busy’ work. He relishes extra playtime and teachers who will surprise him, particularly with outdoor activities and time to play on devices. He desires longer, more challenging books and personally feels that his current reading material is too easy.

He is deemed a hard worker, with mature manners and compassion for others, an old soul. He is aware of his own feelings and manages his reactions well. This allows for a calm, positive attitude, free from undue sadness or frustration. He is unquestionably funny, boasting a great sense of humour and close relationship with his mother. He is an only child growing up in a single-parent family. Although he may find it difficult to share attention at times, he is generally well-adapted in a socially-diverse, laidback and communicative household. He is a nature lover and is particularly fond of his animals. He describes one of his dogs as being a fun and patient friend, from whom he learns a lot. He loves exploring the woods and caves and refers to animals and plants as valuable living things. He has a charming manner of communicating his ideas and is articulate and expressive in his delivery.

Both in more formal school settings and whilst in attendance of the pod, he displays a great deal of strengths. For example, he is a strong speller and competent writer. He is athletic, despite not having had much exposure to competitive sporting environments or closely following sports for pleasure. He enjoys swimming, cycling, karate, trampolining and jumping on bouncy castles. He exercises his musical talents through piano playing and in his free time, relishes the opportunity to develop his culinary skills and even broadcasting fun cookery videos on YouTube.

His struggles with reading progression and pace led to a diagnosis of mild dyslexia. He also shows traits of dyspraxia and ADHD. These learning differences undoubtedly affect his ability to develop certain skills at the expected rate, along with affecting his confidence and fear of failure. A lack of concentration, focus and a tendency towards non-linear thinking are also detrimental to his academic development. Despite these hurdles, he works well at school and enjoys the project-based, hands-on approach currently adopted by his home school programme.

Like his mother, he has a great, artistic imagination and loves to make things. For instance, his fondness for Nerf guns and swords inspires him to make toy arms from everyday objects and tape. He is a nature-lover, accustomed to spending time outdoors on his family’s farm with plentiful animals. He favors stories over games, although he has recently become more interested in video games, thanks to a shared interest with a friend. His innovative visions and love of storytelling have even paved the way for his own playful language, accompanied by an imaginary world. He could enthusiastically discuss the themes and characters of his creations for hours and would certainly benefit from an outlet to develop his ideas further.

Role of the Tutor

Although the initial phase of this position involves collaboration with another teacher and other students, the right candidate for this role will be independent and focused in their approach to deliver a varied and well-balanced education for the student. Regardless of its initial format, the eventual role will develop into one of changing locations and extensive opportunity, entirely unconnected with the ‘pod’. The Tutor will be required to travel with the boy and his mother, always optimising geographical locations and experiences to ensure a diverse education and access to an abundance of useful life skills. They will nurture a positive attitude towards learning to inspire the student's future endeavours, through college and in later pursuits. In-depth knowledge of the US educational system would be preferable, along with SEN specialist skills.

It is essential that the Tutor be well-versed in the aforementioned challenges that he faces in his access to coherent learning. Expertise and dominance of strategies to facilitate academic success, knowledge retention, concentration and physical coordination for those experiencing elements of dyslexia, dyspraxia and mild ADHD, are fundamental to the role. The overall goal is to maintain and enhance his happiness and enjoyment of school, whilst in turn aiding his academic discovery.

The Tutor will be responsible for deciphering tools and designing tailormade resources. The boy is extremely keen to aim for a higher reading level and is uninspired by his current books, often disengaging and admittedly following the pictures rather than the text. A competent Tutor will decipher whether this dislike for his reading books at present, is down to lack of subject interest, or moreover, a struggle to understand. Furthermore, the Tutor should exercise the invaluable opportunity for him to pursue the ideas of his imaginary world, perhaps by writing and reciting original stories. They must always explore fun avenues to maintain interest and spark a love for learning.

The ideal Tutor will be respectful of the family’s wish to uphold tight Covid-enforced regulations, putting safety first and being mindful of their social bubble. Within the bubble the students, parents and teachers do not wear masks and so it is especially important that the Tutor is extra-careful to protect one another and themselves when not with the ‘pod’. They will encourage play and interaction with the other children in the group and promote healthy social and emotional health at all times. They will deliver a bespoke blend of academic and project-based resources, fostering a fun, interactive learning environment, in which academic progression and a thirst for knowledge will naturally develop in parallel.

Any shared interests amongst the vast array of pastimes enjoyed by the student would be welcomed, along with a love of the natural world and perhaps even an interest in farming and animals. They will respect the mother’s wish to limit screen time and channel this towards educational. The flexibility offered by home schooling, means that the Tutor will be largely autonomous in their approach to planning and execution of classes and projects, therefore, well-documented progress tracking will be essential.

Hours and holidays

This is a full-time role. The Tutor should expect to have an average of 40 hours contact time per a week, with preparation time in addition. The Tutor will adapt to changes in schedule when travelling between different home locations and beyond.

The Tutor is entitled to an average of two consecutive days off per week, which, in the current climate, can be expected, yet not guaranteed to fall on weekends. The Tutor will most commonly be advised of any changes to weekend days off up to two weeks in advance.

Accommodation, Travel, and Miscellaneous

The role will initially commence on the family’s farm in Kentucky. Whenever possible, future travel will include another home in New York and visits across Europe and Asia.

In Kentucky, the Tutor will be provided with accommodation in a separate farmhouse, which is also home to a school room and shared kitchen. The Client will provide a car for the Tutor if necessary and will be responsible for all bills relating to the role, except for the Tutor’s personal phone bill.

The student's fun-loving, imaginative nature necessitates the attention and dedication of an inventive and resourceful individual. The Tutor will be hands-on in their manner of teaching philosophy, play and practical activities. They may also be a Spanish speaker like his mother, offering the language as an additional subject at school.

The Tutor will be energetic, fit, healthy, and a non-smoker.

The Tutor should note that the family live on a farm in the countryside and so candidates who have allergies to a domestic and farm animals, grasses or flowers, should not apply for this role.

Contractual details

Start: No later than January 2021

Duration: 12 months initially, with annual renewals possible

Hours: 40 hours contact time per week, with preparation in addition

Salary: $139,500 USD per annum

Accommodation: Provided

Car: Provided where necessary

Vacation: 45 days per year

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