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About TI

Tutors International has been in business since 1999 and has built up an expertise in the recruitment of top-class educators for clients all over the world.

We are far more than a computerised matching service. Applicants who are shortlisted are interviewed in person - the best way to get a good fit with the client's family.

An important aspect of our business is contact - tutors report to us regularly, and we get back to them with guidance and support. Our tutors are in long-term jobs and we want them to do well, so we work hard to make each assignment succeed.

Why TI

A teacher considering long-term tutoring has a number of problems:

  • How do you find a good job?
  • What is the right level of salary?
  • What kind of contract will you get?
  • How will you deal with things that go wrong?

A particular problem is the disparity in power - clients are often successful achievers, used to getting their own way. A new teacher may feel at a disadvantage, especially being on their own in a foreign country.

A job through Tutors International solves all these difficulties...

  • We negotiate with the clients.
  • We set realistic salaries.
  • We always work with proper legal contracts.
  • And we provide ongoing support and back-up to the tutor.

You are, quite simply, better off with Tutors International.

Could you be a TI tutor?

Victoria Gibbs, our COO, talked to tutors and teachers at Love Tutoring @ Bett 2024. Here are some clips we think you'll enjoy.

Matching the right tutor with the right student

What makes Tutors International different from our private tutoring agencies? Primarily, it's our commitment to ensuring the perfect fit between tutor and student.

Who are our tutors?

It's no secret that we are exacting in our requirements! But as Victoria explains in this video, if you are the right tutor for that student, we will move heaven and earth to get you there.

Why full-time residential tutoring is so exciting?

Imagine the breadth and depth of the opportunities that private tutoring offers to students and teachers!? Our clients are privileged, wealthy families, and this opens up new levels of exploration and learning. It's an educator's dream!

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