California, Wyoming (SFJ 0920)

An able, flexible and highly experienced tutor is required to help manage and enhance the education of three brothers, aged 9, 12 and 14. The role will predominantly take place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming or across other locations in California, including travel further afield. The role will ideally commence as soon as possible, and last for at least one year. SEN specialism and US teaching experience required.


The eldest of three brothers is 14 and embarking on his 8th grade. Like his siblings, he has attended the same school since kindergarten and due to the current pandemic teaching has evolved into a distance learning programme. He is a dedicated, responsible student, both attentive and hardworking. Despite boasting great academic potential and a well-rounded approach to school, he is being held back and fighting boredom induced by his present online schooling situation. He tends to excel in many areas of school and is a high achiever amongst his peers, but his self-esteem, social skills and shy tendencies have been detrimentally affected by the confinement. He would benefit from curriculum enrichment and challenging material beyond his online teaching input, which he is capable of managing independently.

His favorite teachers are kind with a great sense of humor. He enjoys working with teachers that are able to maintain a healthy balance of fun while offering assured academically-rich activities. He likes receiving honest feedback from highly knowledgeable educators who maintain interest the quality of their instruction. He enjoys playing soccer and basketball and is also learning Mandarin and piano. He is interested in geography and weather and shares a love for board games and family time with his brothers. That said, he is known to indulge in intense competitivity and rivalry with his brothers.

The next student is 12. Whereas monotony and lack of stimulation mostly inhibit his older brother's academic journey through distance learning, his struggles are more profoundly affected by an absence of student-teacher interaction. He suffers from ADHD and Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, both highly incompatible with a focused day in front of a screen. The mere necessity to follow online instructions and keep up with when and where to click and complete tasks, poses a significant challenge. Online learning, therefore, requires continuous guidance and enhancement, with plenty of SEN support and fortification outside of his standard distance learning programme. Both typing and handwriting require development, along with concentration on math weaknesses and general nurturing to achieve greater self-confidence.

The challenges that he experiences in an academic capacity are decidedly less apparent when reviewing his many strengths. He loves to play the drums and lacrosse and is deeply interested in art, music and dancing. He is a born pleaser with great interpersonal skills, and like his brothers, is more likely to favour other games and activities over video consoles and devices. His favorite teachers are able people in whom he can trust due to their patient competence and high expectations. He prefers teachers who can maintain a gentle and reassuring pressure without being pushy or showing their frustrations.

The youngest boy is 9 years old. He is currently in 4th grade and is demotivated and uninspired by his distance learning programme. In fact, being taught uniquely online is creating a dysfunctional learning relationship for all three brothers. Whereas the oldest needs pushing further, both of the younger boys risk falling behind if solely governed by generic teaching, unspecific to their individual needs. The youngest questions the necessity for school and cannot see the point of maths, for example. Personalised and interactive tuition could soon remedy this and convert negative enquiry into a healthy curiosity for learning.

Along with a high emotional intelligence and dry sense of humour, he portrays many other positive attributes. He performs well in practical tasks with an engineering-orientated mind. He thrives on tinkering with and building things. He is also learning to play the guitar and partakes in soccer and basketball practice. The brothers are interested in horse riding, skiing, dirt bikes and other outdoor pursuits. Both the younger boys are learning Spanish and are exposed to the language by staff at home. They display a good understanding yet lack the linguistic grounding and confidence to respond in the target language thus far.

His favorite teachers are good at building, whether that be from kits, or by designing and sourcing components, or from construction ‘toys’ such as Fischertechnik, or through coding. He will respond best to teachers who are upbeat and interesting and have an obvious and genuine enthusiasm for their work.

Role of the Tutor

The family require a Tutor who will provide tailored teaching and learning opportunities for their three boys. To some extent, this contact will offer supportive tools for the younger two, for example following distance learning throughout the morning. Beyond the online supplement, teaching will continue for all three brothers with a curriculum enriched and customised to meet individual needs and to foster project-based learning where possible. The Tutor will instil a love of learning and inquisitive thirst for enquiry, allowing their students to explore personal interests and passions and to empower their future pursuits.

It is imperative that the Tutor be accustomed to the US curriculum and testing, both in terms of teaching content and also eventual high school applications, thus echoing the necessity to keep up with and excel peer progress. In-depth knowledge of the English language and arts, science, maths and drama are favourable areas of expertise. Proficiency and teaching experience in Spanish or Mandarin would also be valuable.

The Tutor must be highly organised, fun and inspiring. They will shed a new light on home learning and rekindle purpose and progress across the board. The expertise of a SEN specialist with specific knowledge and experience of ADHD and NVLD characteristics would be extremely beneficial to the middle boy's needs, in order to minimise distraction and to cater for his individual learning requirements.

A love of the outdoors and travel would render the Tutor highly compatible with the family’s lifestyle, along with an appreciation and respect for family time and limited screen exposure. They will use technology for educational benefit and will promote outdoor and other recreational activities over gaming. The family uphold positive attitudes and encourage their children to pursue their hobbies. Teachers sharing some of the aforementioned sports or musical avocations could offer another avenue of support and stimulus for the boys.

The Tutor must be exceedingly flexible when it comes to classroom logistics and changing locations. They will be required to travel privately with the family both in the US and internationally and will always maximise learning opportunities when on the move. Access will be given to dining rooms or any area of the family home in which the boys feel comfortable to work. They may all prefer their own quiet zone and will also be encouraged to make the most of the outdoors wherever possible.

Hours and Holidays

The Tutor will be required to work an average of 40 hours contact time per week, with preparation time in addition. Around 50% of this timetable will follow distance learning programmes, with the other half dedicated to bespoke activities.

The Tutor is entitled to an average of two consecutive days off per week, which following school-led online courses, are likely, yet not guaranteed, to fall on weekends. As far as possible, the Client will give up to two weeks’ notice of any changes to days off

Accommodation, Travel, and Miscellaneous

The Client will provide furnished accommodation both in permanent bases and when travelling. The Tutor will always have private bedroom and bathroom facilities and will share communal spaces with other staff and tutors. Accommodation may sometimes be in the family property, a guest house or hotel, and always within a three-mile radius of the place of work.

A rental car will be provided for any Tutor wishing to explore their surroundings. The Client will also cover all bills related to accommodation and travel, save for the Tutor’s personal phone bill.

The successful candidate will offer a wealth of expertise and broad knowledge across the subject spectrum. They will be a dedicated educationalist, positive role model and integral staff member. They will ideally enjoy common pastimes and values with the family, along with displaying creativity in delivering course material and extra-curricular endeavours.They must be fit and healthy non-smokers.

Contractual details

Start: As soon as possible

Duration: At least one year

Hours: 40 hours average per week, plus preparation

Salary: $180,000 USD per annum

Accommodation: Provided

Car: Provided when required

Vacation: 45 days per annum

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