North Dakota (NDF 0820)

A caring and resourceful individual, preferably with plentiful experience of classical curricula, is required to work with a charming young lady aged 16. This is a full-time home-schooling role starting in September 2020. The ideal Tutor will offer a breadth of subject knowledge and home-centred education expertise. They will be responsible for building strong academic foundations, boosting confidence and adapting classical skills. The Tutor will be dynamic in their approach of interweaving any such appropriate syllabi with the curriculum currently followed by the household, in collaboration with the girl’s mother and long-standing educator.

The role will predominantly be based in North Dakota and will possibly include some periodic trips to other locations.


The student belongs to a warm, family-orientated household and is the second eldest among five sisters. Although she and her siblings have always been home-schooled, she is the primary focus of this search. Her elder sister is 18 and serves as a great inspiration, given her notable academic achievements, professional focus and recognition. Three younger sisters, aged 3, 6 and 10 will also continue their education at home and the Tutor should be aware of inevitable interaction from time to time. The student is ready to embark on her all-important Junior year of high school; therefore, a sound knowledge of the American education system will be of great value, in order to cater for eventual university applications.

As a kind-hearted, helpful individual, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing cards and board games, as well as playing various sports. She is athletic, interested in nutrition and the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. She is a former gymnast and now focuses her active endeavours on diving, cross-training, swimming and weights. The dedication, determination and discipline learned throughout her gymnastic years serve as tools for the stamina and strength required in her current high-impact hobbies.

She relishes lake and ocean visits; and also sports a keen eye for art and video. She has a superb ability to visualise concepts and may develop cinematographic interests further in the future. Her parents also envisage her as a potential leader, an empathic individual with strong guiding qualities and a fondness of helping others; whether that be generally assisting around the house or voluntarily cooking a meal for her family. She is an outgoing and friendly servant-leader with a warm heart.

She currently lacks confidence when it comes to schoolwork, perhaps feeling some pressure to live up to her elder sister’s accomplishments, or indeed a lack of awareness or acceptance of her own capabilities. She is undoubtedly extremely competent and bright, showing great intellectual promise and keen aspirations to attend North Dakota State University in the future. She feels particular anxiety in relation to tests and peer progress and also feels that her maths and science subjects could use some extra guidance, despite demonstrating a good sense of logic towards problem solving.

She comes from a family of high achievers and inevitably experiences a certain degree of apprehension towards her own adeptness and objectives in this regard. She enjoys and excels at those activities less explored by other role models in her life, perhaps providing her with a greater sense of security and success. She would benefit from reassurance of her own potential, along with elaborating tools to convert any such anxiety into a healthy sense of competition and optimism, and above all, enjoyment of the learning process.

It is general structure that is currently lacking in her learning life and she wishes for a better coordinated programme of study in order to achieve further, without any undue judgement or strain. In turn, this will also facilitate a generally happier learning journey, aiding her to control and understand her emotions and to react more positively to any sensation of inferiority, whether at home or with other peers.

Role of the Tutor

This teaching role must combine traditional values and academic progression, with the freedom to explore curiosity and fuel the fire of independent thinking and reflection. The backbone of this practice will remain true to the Classical Conversations curriculum currently followed by the family. The Tutor must always maintain consistency and structure, along with providing time and opportunity for the student to develop her own interests, receiving constructive guidance and ample creative and explorative channels. This approach will inspire thoughtful, inquisitive thinking, giving her the confidence that she requires to follow her chosen path or paths in later life. The Tutor will inspire her to feel well-prepared and adapted to enjoy attainment and fulfilment and hopefully a lifelong love of learning and discovery in general.

The Tutor will be respectful of the family’s approach to life and education, observing their dedication to family, faith and classical conventions. They form part of a dedicated Christian community which aims to instil values, good communication and skills of recitation, logical thinking and persuasive rhetoric. A Tutor who shares such values and world views will be able to promote the desired sense of accountability, structure and even fellowship, whilst striving to combine the importance of current culture and a global insight into the world around us. The family welcome exploration of other cultures and viewpoints; the Tutor is at liberty to incorporate any such valuable world knowledge or diversity into visits or other learning opportunities to assist the student in experiencing a well-rounded education, on both a high academic and personal level.

The family are open to incorporating elements from other curricula which may benefit their daughter, in order to further enhance her progression and observation of the wider world, including business and travel, which are important factors to them all. The Tutor will make the most of what the incredibly versatile home-school environment has to offer, portraying innovation and willingness to compose or adapt material where possible, to cater for her needs and development. It is imperative that she amplify her ability to think autonomously, actively debate complex topics and achieve solid foundations; these will form stable stepping-stones in later life, both academically and personally.

The student is surrounded by a fantastic support network who respect and champion her dreams and goals. The Tutor will also offer constant encouragement and mentoring strategies. In addition, they will be exceptionally organised, an unrivalled record keeper, track progress and set regular goalposts for next steps. Opportunity for self-assessment will serve as an invaluable tool for the girl's own progressive awareness and ultimate elevation of self-esteem.

An underlying thread of this post remains loyal to confidence-building, particularly in maths and science, where the student currently feels an unworthy sense of underachievement. The Tutor will offer inspiring and exciting lessons and experiences, promoting questioning, inference and broad thinking strategies. The Tutor will strive to uphold an open arena for sharing thoughts, doubts or stimulating questions, offering constructive criticism, respecting one’s own time in consolidating concepts and always offering a calm, fair approach. She or he will be responsible for establishing a love of learning in order to appreciate its benefits on a personal level. The family are keen to uphold their current routine with regard to electronic devices, limiting mobile phone time, yet upholding an appreciation of the relevance of technology. The Tutor is expected to use technology for educational purposes mindfully, as necessary, perhaps using video games or programs which promote critical thinking, problem-solving skills and reaction times.

This role will predominantly take place in the Client’s home in North Dakota. This location offers various suitable classroom ideals, including a library. Not necessarily frequent in their occurrence, will be visits to other destinations. These are expected to include Texas, Massachusetts, Montana, Alaska, and the Caribbean, with the potential to travel further afield much less likely at this time. In the event of travel with the family, the Tutor will always find opportunities to optimise their given location and incorporate them into lessons.

Hours and holidays

The Tutor is expected to work for an average of 40 contact hours a week. Teaching will predominately take place Monday-Friday, but there may be occasions when the Tutor is required to work weekends in lieu of a certain time throughout the week. A degree of flexibility will be required on the Tutor’s part.

The Tutor will be entitled to two consecutive days off per week, usually at weekends. As far as possible, the Client will give the Tutor at least two weeks’ notice of when their ‘weekend’ break will be. The standard minimum 9 weeks (45 working days) of paid vacation allowance applies to this contract, with the Client able to request holiday allocation at certain intervals (with a minimum of two weeks’ notice).

Accommodation, Travel, and Miscellaneous

The Tutor will be responsible for making their own accommodation arrangements in North Dakota.

The Tutor is encouraged to consider their own needs with regard to a car, as this will not be provided by the Client. Travel links including Uber and Lyft services are readily available, thus rendering an easy commute for the Tutor regardless.

While travelling, the Client will be responsible for making accommodation arrangements for the Tutor or will give them a stipend with which to make their own arrangements.

In addition to being a friendly, energetic and inspiring educator who can add their own magic and dedication to the essentials of this role, it is extremely important that the Tutor leads a healthy lifestyle and is a non-smoker. Throughout the contract, they will be responsible for their own health and travel insurance, however, they will receive guidance on visa application, should they need it for entry into the US.

Contractual details

Start: As soon as possible, and certainly by January 2021

Duration: 12 months initially, with annual renewals possible

Hours: 40 hours contact time per week, with preparation in addition

Salary: $216,000 USD per annum

Accommodation: Tutor shall arrange for themselves

Car: Not provided

Vacation: 45 days per year

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