Milan (Humanities and Languages) (MIL 0720 HL)

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An able and experienced educator is required for a long-term assignment starting in September 2020 and running for at least two years. This role involves tutoring one 14-year-old girl in a range of subjects leading to her GCSEs.


The student is 14 years old. She is from a Philippine family, with Tagalog as her first language. She has been educated up to now in a local Italian school, primarily in Italian, with some lessons in English. She has completed the first year of her compulsory Italian school’s 5-year programme.

From September 2020, she is switching to the British system and homeschooled, following a course of GCSEs and then A Levels, with the aspiration to attend university to study architecture. She will be supported in this by a team of two full-time tutors, who will cover the whole curriculum between them.

The student is a very smart girl who enjoys the complications of difficult topics and the satisfaction of overcoming them. She is very quiet, coming from a close-knit family. She has had some piano lessons, loves to draw with pencil, and likes to swim but hasn’t many interests beyond these. One of the roles of the Tutors is help her to become more gregarious and to expand her range of interests and her accomplishments with these interests.

Her planned GCSE subjects are English (language and literature), maths (possibly also further maths), physics, chemistry and biology (possibly biochemistry instead of biology), art, geography, history, Italian, and photography. This is by no means fixed at this stage.

The most significant issue at present is that her English is not at a high enough level for her to display her abilities properly at GCSE across all subjects. This means that the initial focus will need to be on developing much greater competence across all aspects of English.

Her favourite teachers explain themselves thoroughly and teach by showing and encouraging students to try. Teachers who do not listen and who teach by demonstration alone will very soon lose her interest. She prefers teachers whose own ability is tangible and who expect the best from their students at all times. She enjoys a firm but not overly strict learning style. Lessons should be fun while also being infused with kindness and humour. She is a serious student who wants to make the best of this opportunity. For a knowledgeable and ambitious educator, she will be a pleasure to have as a student.

Role of the Tutor

This role is for a Tutor to be responsible for the planning, delivery and assessment of the humanities and languages GCSE subjects with the intention that the girl is examined in June 2022. Between the two tutors the whole subject range needs to be covered, so it would be helpful if there is some overlap between the two Tutors of the subjects, to allow for timetable flexibility, assisting each other etc.

It would be helpful if the Tutor speaks Italian so that any problems with her understanding can be resolved. At the very least, one of the Tutors should be fluent in Italian as it will be one of the GCSE subjects.

The Tutor must be organised, self-reliant, and independent. They should be eloquent, able to explain concepts simply, and to inspire with their enthusiasm for any given subject. He or she should be a natural communicator with a kind and caring disposition, and a firm-but-fair approach to their work. The Tutor should be creative and resourceful and full of ideas.

It is not expected that this role should be confined to the classroom. Milan has a wealth of resources and the role need not be confined to Milan or indeed to Italy. The Tutors should expect to enhance the learning through all the resources at their disposal to create a truly superb educational experience for the student.

Hours and holidays

The Tutor will typically work with the child for up to an average of 40 hours contact time per week with preparation in addition. The exact schedule is not known at this stage, so the Tutor should be flexible with regard to this and mindful that the role involves two Tutor who will split the teaching between them.

The standard minimum 9 weeks (45 working days) of paid vacation allowance applies to this contract, with these breaks being taken at times convenient to the Client. The Tutors should not always expect to be off at the same time.

Any untaken vacation allowance or untaken weekend days that have accrued will be compensated by payment in lieu at a pro-rated day rate.

Accommodation, Travel, and Miscellaneous

The Tutor will be provided with a furnished apartment within a reasonable distance from the tutoring location. The rent, utilities and Internet on this apartment will be arranged and paid for by the Client. The Client is not responsible for the Tutor/Mentor’s personal phone bills.

A car will be made available for the Tutor if required in order to carry out their duties, but it is not anticipated that this will be necessary in Milan, as there is a good public transport network and accommodation will be near the Tutoring location.

The successful candidate will be able to offer more than the minimum requirements of this position, such as playing a musical instrument, sports or painting. He or she must have been raised in a socially appropriate background. He or she will not only be an excellent educator, but also a good role model: educated and polished, with excellent manners and personal values.

The Tutor will be physically fit and healthy, a non-smoker.

The two roles (maths/science tutor and humanities/languages tutor) could be filled by a teaching couple, in which case suitable shared accommodation would be provided.

Contractual details

Start: 1 September 2020, or as soon as possible thereafter

Duration: until 31 August 2021 initially, with the possibility of annual renewal

Hours: 40 hours contact time per week, with preparation in addition

Salary: £144,000 GBP pa

Accommodation: Provided

Car: Not provided

Vacation: 45 days per year

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