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An experienced, energetic and broadly able summer Tutor with impeccable English is required to fill a short-term tutoring role from as soon as possible until mid-August 2020. For the right person, this could be extended (for a period yet to be decided).

This position concentrates on all four children of the family. A boy aged 18, a girl aged 16, a boy aged 13 and a girl aged 13. The oldest will graduate from school on June 26th 2020 and start studying Mechanical Engineering in September 2020. The other children currently attend a local private school. They all need help improving their command of English (speaking, writing and reading) so that they are brought up to the standards required for admission and comfort at an English school or university. The ideal Tutor will have a background that is firmly grounded in classics and the humanities, especially history.


All children are well behaved, gregarious, polite and engaging.

The oldest is a sensible and sensitive young man comfortable around people of a wide variety of ages and in different settings. He is quite good at English with good pronunciation but there is also clearly a long way to go before he will be at the level of fluency required for fluent and demanding conversation. It is likely that his reading is probably on target while his writing lags behind, in comparison to his speaking. He likes teachers who are patient and thorough, but at the same time fun to be with and with shared interests. He plays the piano and loves many sports, especially tennis, football, sailing and boating in general, mountain biking and skiing. He also enjoys chess and is open to trying new sports, such as rowing. He did not like teachers who were unfair to him or other children in the class, seem to have favourites at the expense of him or others, or whose delivery was robotic and insensitive.

The oldest girl is a bright and gregarious sixteen-year-old girl. She too enjoys sports, tennis and her own workouts and can get very ambitious in competitions. She loves to sing and she also play piano. She loves to read but rather shallow literature such as novels for teenage girls. Her energy could be used on concentrating on different literature types, reading and talking about latest news, mainstream conversation, small talk and more. She seems quite confident speaking and has good pronunciation.

The next youngest is a cheerful and creative 13-year-old-girl, very ambitious at school. She is patient, helps others, can concentrate very well and can keep herself busy for hours. She enjoys spending time with friends and always finds good activities do with them. She needs physical exercise; she loves tennis, acrobatics and horse riding. She is a fantastic skier and plays piano. Her big dream is to own a horse. She has a good pronunciation but she needs more practice.

The youngest is a 13-year-old-boy with a relaxed character. He is very bright but does not like to work hard and consequently does not set himself ambitious goals. He lives in the present is satisfied with what he accomplishes. Nevertheless, he is interested in the topics at school and often knows more or has a better grasp in comparison with his twin sister who loves to study. His friends are very important to him and he enjoys spending time with them. He loves to test out new sports and then dream about a career in this field of interest. Currently he is most enthusiastic about basketball and water polo. Apart from that he plays tennis, piano and enjoys snowboarding. He likes to be treated as a young adult, can show responsibility and is mostly reliable. He has the same language level as his twin sister since they both grew up with English-speaking nannies but regrettably their focus was more on speaking their mother tongue.

Although the childrens’ current school is fine, it is not in any way stretching them, hence the motivation for a Tutor. It is fair to say that apart from close family, the children have not really ever had a really good teacher who can challenge them, support them and provide a consistently high level of academic mentoring.

It would be good if the Tutor were able to devise activities that suited all the children, perhaps occasionally even together.

Role of the Tutor

The successful candidate must be an experienced Tutor but needs not be a qualified teacher. He will be erudite, well read, and well-educated in traditional British private schools. His main subjects of interest or ability will include the Humanities, Classics, English Literature, French and Latin. It is expected that the ideal candidate will have secured top grades in a wide range of school subjects and public examinations and then completed his undergraduate degree from one the top British Universities. He will enjoy many sports and be open to trying new ones.

The primary role of the Tutor is to take responsibility for developing the children’s command of English, in all its forms – spoken, reading and writing, and in using English in their other subjects, including Maths, Humanities and Sciences. They want a chance to move to an English school, and perhaps even a British or American school/university at a later date; unless their English is good enough across all academic and social areas this is out of the question. The study of English will take many forms, whether it be helping with schoolwork, playing chess and discussing the moves, spending time together on the water, kicking a football, visiting museums, art galleries, and other educational trips, or simply talking together about history, politics or philosophy at home during meals. This role is not limited to their English. It also extends to the wider educational values of developing a lifelong love of learning, determination and ambition, so the Tutor should be continuously thinking of and proposing opportunities to increase their comfort, confidence and comprehension in English within the gamut of educational contexts. Of particular interest to the oldest boy are the scientific and technological, so a Tutor who shares these interests and can incorporate them into his tutoring would be ideal.

The oldest chose Mechanical Engineering as his study subject, but the parents do not mind what their children choose in later life, but whatever it is they want them to strive for being the best they can be. They feel that the best thing that they can offer their children up to this stage is a rich education and the opportunity to get accepted by the best higher education institutions. This is one of the main reasons why the Tutor should himself represent this kind of pathway. The Tutor’s role is also one of mentor, someone that is a positive role model for the children, and, in time, a friend.

All siblings should benefit from a British tutor in the family’s midst. They are bound to want some time with their Tutor, on a flexible level. The Tutor should be open and inviting in this regard, and see the opportunities that this brings for all concerned.

The mother has the responsibility for organising the family’s domestic staffing and the children’s busy after school and weekend schedules and holidays beginning July 10th. She also has other family homes to manage. The Tutor should be willing to help out in a more general way if requested, as part of the normal hours rather than in addition to them. This might include school runs or taking children to and from activities, or it might involve helping in ways that may be more usually considered that of a personal assistant.

Hours and holidays

The Tutor is expected to work an average of 40 hours per week, with preparation time in addition. For the most part the hours will follow a stable timetable agreed with the mother, but the Tutor should also allow for flexibility, especially regarding travel to other locations during holidays.

The expected starting routine will be 8 hours a day. This time will be a mixture of study, schoolwork, educationally rich activities and leisure activities, all involving development of their English. The Tutor should expect an average of two consecutive days off per week; days need to be adjusted according to timetables and family agenda. Howsoever it might be organised, the Client will ensure that the contractual weekly hours and need for two consecutive days off per week conditions are maintained.

The Tutor will accrue 3 working days holiday per calendar month. These will be taken at times suitable to the Client. Any untaken vacation that has accrued at the end of the contract will be compensated by payment in lieu at the prevailing rate (calculated on the basis of 21 working days per calendar month).

Accommodation, Travel, and Miscellaneous

The Client will provide a fully furnished apartment with Internet.

While in Zürich, the Tutor will be provided with a car when needed to take the children to and from activities. At other time he will need to use public transport, walk or cycle. In other destinations, where lack of public transport limits personal freedom, the Client will make a car available for the Tutor’s personal use as well as for errands related to his work.

The Tutor will need to have a full, clean, driving license.

The Client will be responsible for the Tutor’s full expenses arising from any travel required for the position throughout the contract term.

The Tutor should be a non-smoker, lead a physically active lifestyle, and be healthy and fit. He should be engaging, have a good sense of humour and a sunny disposition, yet be a serious educator who is continuously expanding his own knowledge, and who understands his responsibility in this important role.

Contractual details

Start: As soon as possible

Duration: ends mid-August 2020 in the first instance, subject to renewal by agreement

Hours: 40 hours contact time per week, with preparation in addition

Salary: £15,000 GBP per month

Accommodation: Provided

Car: Provided when required

Vacation: Accruing at 3 working days per month

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