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An able, experienced and broadly capable tutor is required for a complex, sensitive and multi-faceted role with a 15-year-old girl in Toronto, Canada. The role starts as soon as possible and will involve frequent international travel. The position will last, as a minimum, until the end of August 2022.

The Student

The young lady currently attends a school in Toronto. She already speaks three languages fluently and has four main aspects in her life: her sport, her school, down-time with social media and streaming accounts, and some friends. She is mature and gracious in her sport and clearly very focussed. However, despite devoting so much time and energy to the sport – or possibly because of it – it seems that her love for the game has decreased and it no longer brings her joy. Given how much time the sport takes up, she has little to no time left to pursue other passions such as music or her love of animals.

Academically, the student is doing well without having to put in much work. She is clearly highly academically able, but finds few of her current schoolteachers inspiring. She is simply not directing much effort into her studies at this point, and although she is achieving decent grades, she must improve significantly if she is to reach a standard that could put access to Ivy League colleges into her future. Although this is the kind of standard that she could reach, the process of thinking about university options has not really been started.

Away from school and sport, she is a charming young lady with a warm and friendly demeanour. She is easy to talk to, and her sense of curiosity and interest can be easily engaged by inspiring academic exercises. She is not afraid of debate or discussion and once her interest in a given subject is peaked, she lights up with enthusiasm.

The student has a long abiding love of animals, and a particular interest in dogs. She is very keen to get a St. Bernard, but has little experience of the breed – or indeed, of any particular breed. Her parents have said that they would not be opposed to her getting a dog, but that proper research is needed into the requirements and temperament of each breed before they commit. It is thought that spending time volunteering at a dog shelter, veterinarian clinic or animal charity would enable her to get a feel for the pros and cons of each breed and help her make an informed choice.

As a child, the student was required to play the piano. While this forced practice has put her off the instrument, she still has musical talent, and plays the saxophone to a reasonable level. She certainly has an interest in music even if her currently jammed schedule doesn’t allow much time for it. Indeed, she is one of those rare people who, despite her clear focus on sports, could genuinely be considered a skilled allrounder.

Having concentrated on her sport for so long, the student’s parents are concerned that their daughter has become too fixated with a potential career in her sport while no longer finding any real pleasure from playing it. They are worried that she is not making the most of other opportunities presented to her, and that the demands on her time are leaving her with little opportunity to develop a personality away from the sport.

Role of the Tutor

This role will be a delicate balance of academic tutor, mentor and companion. While the student continues to study in a traditional school, the Tutor should be available to her in the evenings and at weekends, partly to help her achieve the highest grades possible in her homework (and of course to ensure full understanding of each topic) but also with a view to broadening her horizons and exploring any tangential lines of enquiry. The Tutor should nurture a sense of academic curiosity in the student and should foster a sense of pride in her academic achievements. The Tutor should have attended a university of the standing of Oxbridge or the Ivy Leagues and must have excellent French.

Alongside the academic tutoring, the Tutor should expect to spend time with the student as they travel to and from sports practice, while at sporting events, and at any other times when they find themselves on the road together. It should also be noted that the daily distances involved in the contract are not insignificant – the family home is about 15 miles away from the sports centre, and it has been calculated that in an average week, the student spends about 14 hours travelling by car between home, practice, and school. A Tutor could potentially use some of this time to develop the companionship element of this role, using their commute to chat over the days’ events, nurture ideas and help to grow a more broadly interested and academically able individual.

Restoring some kind of balance between academia, sports, and other aspects of the student’s life is one of the central aims of this position.

The Tutor should themselves be a well-rounded individual who has had experience of many activities (some to a high level). She or he should be interesting and erudite, excited by the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake and forever curious about the world around them. The Tutor should be able to inspire the student to open up and let new activities and passions into her life, whether by encouragement to give something else a go, or by simple propinquity. She or he should be proactive in terms of getting the student work experience or seeking opportunities to volunteer. Given the student’s plans to have a dog, the Tutor should be comfortable with animals and happy to help the student to research her options.

The Tutor for this role is not required to have an understanding of or particular ability in the student’s sport, and it would almost be better for the student if the Tutor had no real experience of the sport. Providing the student with an adult who can bring other activities to the table would be of far greater benefit to her at this point.

The Tutor should also be aware that they will be joining a team of adults that support the student in her endeavours and it is essential that the Tutor works effectively with the team that includes parents, trainers, fitness trainer, physiotherapist etc.

Hours and holidays

The Tutor should make themselves available to the student as needed, but it is thought that this will typically be for an average of 40 hours contact time per a week, with preparation time in addition. Given that the role will start as being supplementary to the student’s schooling, the majority of the Tutor and student’s time together is likely to be after school and weekends.

The Tutor is entitled to an average of two consecutive days off per week but should not always expect these to occur at weekends or to be regular in their timing. As far as possible, a consistent pattern for academic learning should be established, but the Tutor needs to be aware that they also have responsibilities concerning the student’s commitments, and as such the timetable here is flexible.

Accommodation, Travel, and Miscellaneous

While in Toronto, the Tutor will be given furnished housing near to the family’s home. Apart from the Tutor’s personal telephone use, the Client will cover all bills on this accommodation. Meals taken with the student will be covered by the Client. All other meals will be at the Tutor’s personal expense. The Client will provide a vehicle to the Tutor for reasonable local use.

This role has significant elements of travel, and the Tutor should expect to be away from Toronto for approximately 15 weekends of the year. This will mostly be attending sports events with the student either in Canada or the US, but there may be some occasions when they fly to Europe or beyond. When travelling, the Tutor will be given their own hotel room. This may not always be at the same hotel where the family are staying. All flights will be at the class of travel chosen by the Client.

The successful candidate will be able to offer more than the minimum requirements of this position. She or he will not only be an excellent educator, but also a good role model: enthusiastic about their subjects, professional but also personable, with excellent manners and personal values.

The Tutor must be fit and healthy, a non-smoker.

Contractual details

Start: As soon as possible

Duration: Until August 2022

Hours: 40 hours per week

Salary: €144,000 EUR per annum

Accommodation: Provided

Car: Provided

Vacation: Minimum 45 days per annum

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