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An able and experienced educator is required for a long-term assignment starting as soon as possible and running until the end of May 2021 in the first instance. The role focuses on tutoring two boys age 17. It will suit an energetic, inspiring and knowledgeable Tutor with an interest in a wide range of subjects. The role potentially involves some travel (after travel restrictions are lifted) and is renewable annually with the agreement of all parties.

The arrival of Covid-19 has interrupted the family’s academic plans. The quality of materials from the school combined with the boys’ self-study habits are undermining the ambitions the boys have for their ongoing studies. With the support of a Tutor to help ensure that the work is completed to a high standard, that gaps are not left in course understanding, and that the children are extended beyond the minimum. It is possible that for undefined initial period at the start of this contract the tutoring may need to be online.


There are two boys who require tutoring, both aged 17. There is also an older brother and two pre-school aged children who will not be involved in this role.

The students attend an International School and started their IB Diploma Program in September 2019. Although close in age they are not twins, but they are in the same year group at school and get on with one another very well. Both boys are intelligent, articulate and have high academic goals. One would ultimately like to attend a London university reading economics and/or business. The other is a little less focused but is considering a career in medicine, probably studying in the US.

The boys are keen sportsmen; a left-handed field hockey player at county level, and a soccer player who is currently trying out for county level teams. Unsurprisingly both boys are very fit and active and have a busy sporting and social timetable to fit around their schoolwork.

The boys come from a loving and stable family. Conversation and dialogue are considered very important, and the topics discussed are wide ranging and enlightening. The boys are mature and considered in their communications (both written and spoken) and there is no animosity or unfriendly rivalry between them. The family is kind, welcoming and warm.

Role of the Tutor

This position requires an energetic, enthusiastic and interesting teacher who has experience working with the IBDP. The Tutor’s role will be to provide academic support. The Tutor is expected to ensure that all work provided by the school is completed and on time and that the foundations of knowledge are sound. They will be required to oversee homework assignments, giving direction and assistance where necessary, while ensuring that both boys continue to develop exemplary study skills and techniques. The Tutor should provide tricks and tips for effective study methods, as well as revision strategies and stress management exercises which could help all three in their future lives – academic and professional and sporting.

One boy is taking HL Physics, Maths and Business, with SL English, German and Economics. He would like to study engineering at university, either in the US or the UK. The other's HL subjects are History, Economics and German and his SL subjects are English, Maths and ESS; he would like to go to Bocconi University in Milan. Obviously, it’s not expected that one Tutor can cover all these subjects and languages at the Diploma standard, but it is expected that the Tutor will have sufficient knowledge of them that they can to support the subjects or refresh their own knowledge through self-study in the background.

A remote Tutor will work with the boys on the SAT and ACT preparation, but the main Tutor will be required to assist with university applications, entrance essays and interview techniques for the boys’ chosen institutions, wherever they may be.

The Tutor must be highly organised and an excellent record keeper. He or she should be eloquent, knowledgeable and able to inspire with their enthusiasm for any given subject. The Tutor should be an exceptional role model; diplomatic, polite and friendly at all times. It is essential that the Tutor speaks and writes impeccable English.

The Tutor should be organised, kind, fun, inspiring, efficient and flexible in their work. They should have a good sense of adventure as well as a good sense of humour. They should be flexible enough in their lesson plans to allow tangential lines of enquiry to be followed but structured enough to ensure that their lessons are not consistently hijacked. They must be able to balance excellent teaching with accurate record keeping, research and administrative skills.

The right Tutor for this role will have a very positive attitude and will embrace the opportunities that this position affords. They are likely to get as much from their time tutoring the boys as the boys will get from the tutoring.

Hours and holidays

The Tutor will typically work with the boys for about 3-4 hours each, 5 days a week, usually Monday to Friday. The Tutor’s preparation time is additional to these contact hours. This will be the case whether the initial period is tutoring is online or in person. The teaching routine will need be adjusted according to when the boys' school re-opens, so the Tutor should be flexible in this regard.

The Tutor is entitled to two consecutive days off per week but should not expect these to occur at weekends or to be regular in their timing. As far as possible the Client will try to give the Tutor at least two weeks’ notice of when their ‘weekend’ break will be, but the Tutor will need to understand this is not always possible. The standard annual minimum 9 weeks (45 working days) of vacation applies to this contract, with breaks being taken at times convenient to the Client. Due to the IB exams in May 2021 the majority of the paid vacation allowance will likely be after the exams.

Untaken vacation allowance or weekend days that have will be compensated by payment in lieu at a pro-rated day rate.

Accommodation, Travel, and Miscellaneous

If the Tutor is there in person, he/she will be provided with furnished accommodation near the family homes. The rent, utilities and Internet on this apartment will be arranged and paid for by the Client. It may be that the classroom forms part of the Tutor’s accommodation. Any online parts of the contract do not include any accommodation provision.

The Client is not responsible for the Tutor’s personal phone bills.

The Tutor will be reimbursed for all local public transport and any travels costs incurred while travelling with the family (though these occasions are likely to be few and far between). The Client is not responsible for the costs of personal travel when the Tutor is taking paid vacation beyond the requirements regarding flights to the Tutor’s place of normal residence as set out in the Terms.

The successful candidate will be able to offer more than the minimum requirements of this position and must have been raised in a socially appropriate background. He or she will not only be an excellent educator, but also a good role model for teenage boys: educated and polished, with excellent manners and personal values.

The Tutor should be fit and healthy, a non-smoker.

Contractual details

Start: As soon as possible

Duration: Until the end of May 2021

Hours: As described above

Salary: £12,000 GBP per month

Accommodation: Provided

Car: Not provided

Vacation: Minimum 45 days per year

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