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A highly qualified, broadly educated and physically fit tutor is sought to accompany a successful businessman while he goes about his business and leisure, with the objective of improving his English, Ivrit, presentation skills, and acting as a personal coach. The principal focus will be helping the client improve his English and Ivrit. The Client has business interests in the physical sciences and so it will be highly advantageous if the Tutor has some University level knowledge at this level.

It is anticipated that the ideal candidate will be personable and well educated, with a sharp intellect and excellent language and presentation skills. This full-time position will demand a great deal of commitment and flexibility and will offer the right candidate an intellectually rewarding and interesting job.

The Student

The student is a successful businessman. He is a warm, clever, capable Russian who has lived in Europe for many years. He has a keen sense of humour, and a huge variety of interests and passions. His conversational English is pretty good, and his Ivrit less good. Neither language is at the standard he would like, and he especially needs his English fluency to be brought to a higher standard. He would like to improve his fluency and the subtlety of his English especially when it comes to business English relevant to trading. He feels that his relative weakness of language fluency in this specific area is detrimental to his work and is seeking to gain greater confidence with technical language, as well as improving his presentation skills.

Role of the Tutor

This is an exciting opportunity for the right person. There are two principal components to the position: an overall ‘personal coach’ facet, and in-depth involvement with the development of business English and Ivrit.

The Tutor will be expected to spend a great deal of time with Client. The Client is physically active, enjoying going to the gym, cycling, tennis, and hiking. The Tutor will join him in these pursuits, providing companionship as well as a training partner, and using the time to talk and to develop his linguistic sophistication. It may also prove to be a good environment for furthering the design of applications of the device that the Client has developed.

It is anticipated that the successful applicant will have a very good degree from a recognized university of excellence, as well as some experience in business or economics. They will be personable and easy going, intellectually sharp and physically fit. The ideal tutor will have strong economic and financial understanding as well as being eloquent and capable of explaining themselves to a non-native English speaker.

The Tutor will spend time with the Client at his Israeli, Monaco and possibly London homes, as well as travelling widely with him as he attends to his business. This will inevitably mean spending a great deal of time in each other’s company and the Tutor is expected to use this opportunity effectively and should expect to spend much more time on duty than in a conventional job.

Hours and Holidays

This is not a position where standard weekly hours apply, nor is a role that has predictable working patterns. Flexibility and availability are essential. Having said that, the Client is respectful and mindful of the need for a proper work-life balance both for himself and for his Tutor and so the Tutor should also not expect to be asked to work unreasonable hours or to forego the equivalent of weekends, even if these ‘weekend’ breaks are not always at the weekend and if time off is not at the more usual time of the day. The Client will give the Tutor as much notice as possible regarding the timing of their ‘weekend’ and whether they will be needed in the early morning, later evening or of dates and times of travel.

Standard contractual vacation allowance of a minimum of 9 weeks per annum applies to this contract. As per the Terms, the timing of breaks will be at the Client’s convenience but mindful of the Tutor’s normal social and family cycles.

Accommodation, Travel, and Miscellaneous

The Tutor will accompany the Client as he travels for business meetings and other purposes. He or she should expect to be away from home for a significant portion of the time. This will include, but not be limited to, travel in Russia, Germany, Israel, France and on the family’s large yacht.

It is the Tutor’s responsibility to ensure he or she has the correct paperwork for any such travel, and the Client’s responsibility to help the Tutor as needed with securing any visas that may be needed.

Accommodation will be provided for the Tutor near to the Client’s home, or in a hotel, depending on the specific location. The Client will be responsible for all utility bills on accommodation, wherever it may be, with the exception of the Tutor’s personal telephone use. The Tutor is responsible for the cost of their meals save for those taken while tutoring or while staying in accommodation that does not allow for grocery shopping or food preparation (such as a hotel or yacht). While travelling, all accommodation and meals will be provided by or the costs of them reimbursed by the Client.

It is essential that the Tutor is a non-smoker and leads a healthy lifestyle. They must ensure that they hold adequate medical and travel insurance. They should have a current driving license and be a competent driver.

Contractual details

Start: As soon as possible

Duration: At least one year

Hours: Full time

Salary: £132,000 GBP per annum

Accommodation: Provided

Car: Provided as appropriate

Vacation: 9 weeks per annum

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