Barcelona (BCN-0218)

This position is not currently available

To start September 2018

One boy, age 15

Full-time pastoral care and support

Wide array of subjects


This 15 year old student is a fun, friendly young man with an engaging sense of humour who appreciates clearly defined boundaries and works best with Tutors who are stern but not strict. He is bright and capable, but sometimes struggles with enthusiasm for academic learning. The Tutor must therefore be able to get the best from him from the ‘inside out’ while advancing his learning from the ‘outside in’. He has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia and must ensure that he receives all the accommodations from the school and the examination boards available to him.

The student will be completing his A-levels at an international school in Barcelona full-time and will rely on the Tutor to help smooth the transition from home schooling – both academically and socially. He enjoys a wide range of interests and sports and is well travelled. He will be a pleasure for an able educator to live and work with.

Role of the Tutor

This role requires an enthusiastic Tutor capable of acting in loco parentis and running a supportive ‘home’ environment for the student in Barcelona. The Tutor will also be required to support the student in his chosen A-level subjects (yet to be confirmed) to an exemplary level after school.

Due to the location of the position and the multilingual nature of the family, Tutors with multiple languages, especially Spanish/Catalan, will have an advantage.

This role is based in Europe, so it is essential that any candidates for the position have full rights to domesticity in a European country.

Hours and Holidays

This is a full-time, on-call 24/7 position as a live-in guardian. In addition, the Tutor should expect to work approximately 12 hours per week on after school and homework support. It is noted formally here that while around 12 hours of tutoring support each week is to be expected by the Tutor, the Tutor should not expect ‘mission creep’ in this regard; if it becomes clear that the student really needs more support, then additional tutoring will be sourced.

The Tutor must be flexible with regard to time off/weekends and ensure holidays coincide with the school’s holidays.

Accommodation, Travel, and Miscellaneous

Furnished accommodation must be arranged by the Tutor in situ. A rental stipend will be provided by the client for the purpose of providing a ‘home away from home’ environment for the student. It is estimated that this will be in the range of €3000-4000 EUR month, plus 40% (to cover the Tutor’s additional tax liability on this reimbursed rental income).

If the Tutor is asked to accompany the Client on any travels, the Client will be responsible for all of the Tutor’s travel expenses and accommodation arrangements, but not his or her personal telephone usage.

The Tutor will have the use of a family car for their local personal use.

The Tutor must be fit and healthy, a non-smoker.

Contractual details

Start: September 2018

Duration: At least two years

Hours: Full time

Salary: £120,000 GBP per annum

Accommodation: Stipend provided

Car: Provided

Vacation: 45 days per annum

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