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An able and experienced qualified EYFS, KS1 and KS2 primary school teacher is required for an assignment starting as soon as possible. The role involves tutoring one girl aged 6 and his 5-year-old brother. At times, their older sister (age 8) may also be involved. This role will suit an energetic, inspiring and knowledgeable teacher with a natural curiosity for the way things work. The teacher should have strong training in numeracy and literacy (including familiarity with Numicon, Read-Write, Sounds-Write, or similar resources). The role is initially based in the Bahamas, and may be renewed on an annual basis from September 2018.

The Students

There are three children – a girl, who is 8 years old and currently attends a top London prep school. She has two younger siblings: a sister who is 6 and a brother who is 5. It is the two younger children who are the focus of this assignment.

The boy is a gregarious young man who is already demonstrating a passion for engineering. He is the proud owner of his own tool kit, which includes a proper working drill, and he takes great pleasure in tinkering with various items around the house to see how they work. He is fascinated by locks and keys, magnets and flashlights, and has displayed quite an inventive streak. He is a competent user of Child Meccano and understands how to use a range of different tools effectively. The boy is a naturally curious individual and delights in learning through exploration. He is a lovely little boy – interested in the world around him, fun, boisterous and perhaps a little mischievous as well. With sound guidance from the right Tutor, this sense of mischief can be well directed, and will likely see very positive results.

The girl has already assumed the role of the quiet, thoughtful child. Her demure attitude and excellent manners often earn her praise from her parents, and it is in this understated way that she successfully gains attention in competition with her siblings. She is a clever girl and is keen to learn. She clearly has a great depth of perception, and like her brother, will excel under the guidance of an experienced Tutor.

The elder sister is based in London, but will, on occasion be back with the main family in the Bahamas. On a one-to-one level, she is a delight. She is very measured in her speech, taking care to formulate her thoughts before committing to them. She is highly competitive, both in her academic work and as a cross-country runner, and this competitive nature comes through when she is in situations where she and her siblings are vying for the attention of any adults present. Like all children her age, the girl's favourite teachers are those who are fair and who inject a sense of fun into their lessons. She does not like teachers who have clear favourites amongst their pupils.

When together, the children behave as one would expect for the respective ages. For the most part they get on well with one another, but as with any sibling group, there are occasional squabbles and petty rivalries. In general, though, they are a lovable group – chaotic and full of energy, happy and eager to please.

The Role of the Tutor

This role requires the Tutor to work in an after-school capacity or during school time, both in terms of consolidating lessons from school, and also in terms of stretching the children academically. While their current school is considered to be one of the better ones in the Caribbean, it cannot compete with the high standards of good London prep schools. The Tutor’s role is to help bridge this gap by both consolidating and building on the lessons learned while at school, but also by extending the breadth of subjects covered. This makes the Tutor’s remit very broad, as through enquiry-based learning, almost anything can be used as a topic for investigation. For example, exploring local flora and fauna can encompass aspects of biology, geology, meteorology, environmental science, art, literature and even culinary skills. The aim is to ensure solid academic foundations are laid, and that they children are at a similar standard to their contemporaries in London, with a focus on numeracy, reading and literacy.

Private tutoring opens all sorts of doors to exiting and educational adventures, and it is expected that much of the children’s tutoring will be of the hands-on, exploration variety. However, there are serious educational undertones to this assignment, and some formal classroom learning is to be expected while the children are completing any homework, or for the introduction of new topics.

The Tutor should be eloquent, able to explain concepts simply, and to inspire with his or her enthusiasm for any given subject. He or she should be a natural communicator with a kind and caring disposition, and a firm-but-fair approach to their work. The Tutor should have an enquiring mind and a good sense of humour. He or she should develop an educationally rich program of study; they should be flexible enough in their lesson plans to allow tangential lines of enquiry to be followed, but structured enough to ensure that their lessons are not consistently hijacked. He or she must be able to balance excellent teaching with accurate record keeping, research and administrative skills.

There may be occasions when the Tutor is asked to travel with the family. In these instances, the Tutor should research the destination and, as in the Caribbean, use their location as the basis for lessons. The right Tutor for this role will have a sunny and positive attitude, and be able to embrace the opportunities that this position affords. They will be independent and self-sufficient, able to overcome problems or amend their lesson plans to fit around unforeseen circumstances. They will be proactive in both their role as a Tutor, but also as a member of the wider household staff. For example, if they see something that needs to be done to help facilitate the smooth running of the household (perhaps emptying the dish washer or helping to clear away after meal times) the Tutor should simply chip in.

This position is initially for six months, but may signal the start of a long-term tutoring position which, from September, will be renewable on an annual basis by agreement of all parties. The plan at this stage is to keep the older girl at her current school until the end of year 6 (July 2019) at which point the family may opt to take up to two years away to travel the world. In this instance, a Tutor would be required to travel with the family and provide full-time home schooling for all three children while on the move.

Hours and Holidays

The Tutor will be available to the family for up to 40 hours a week. It is not known at this stage how these hours will be used – it could over 5 days, usually Wednesday-Sunday, or the family might move to full time home-schooling in which case the working days will usually be Monday-Friday. Flexibility from the Tutor is essential in this regard as the assignment unfurls. Preparation time is not part of the contact hours above. The timetable must be established with reference to the any extracurricular activities and travel arrangements, and be flexible enough to accommodate unexpected changes.

The Tutor is entitled to two consecutive days off per week, but should not expect these to occur at weekends or to be regular in their timing. As far as possible the Client will try to give the Tutor at least two weeks’ notice of when their ‘weekend’ break will be, but the Tutor will need to understand this is not always possible. The standard minimum 9 weeks (45 working days) of paid vacation allowance applies to this contract (pro-rated) with these breaks being taken at times convenient to the Client.

Any untaken vacation allowance or untaken weekend days that have accrued will be compensated by payment in lieu at a pro-rated day rate.

Accommodation, Travel, and Miscellaneous

The Tutor will be provided with furnished accommodation within commutable distance of the family home. The rent, utilities and Internet on this apartment will be arranged and paid for by the Client. The Client is not responsible for the Tutor’s personal phone bills. The Tutor will be given access to a nearby private club with lovely facilities for recreation etc.

When travelling, accommodation will vary, with some locations requiring the Tutor to live-in with the family in a rented house, and other locations where the Tutor will have their own hotel room. The Client will always be mindful that the Tutor is a professional and should have appropriate privacy as far as possible.

In the Bahamas, a car can be made available for the Tutor to do local errands and shopping. In all other locations, the Tutor will be reimbursed for all local public transport. The Client is not responsible for the costs of personal travel when the Tutor is taking paid vacation beyond the requirements regarding flights to the Tutor’s place of normal residence as set out in the Terms.

The successful candidate will be able to offer more than the minimum requirements of this position and will need to have been raised in a socially appropriate background. He or she will not only be an excellent educator, but also a good role model: educated and polished, with excellent manners and personal values.

The Tutor should be fit and healthy, a non-smoker.

Contractual details

Start: January 2018

Duration: 7 months initially, then renewable on an annual basis

Hours: Full time

Salary: £7,500 GBP per month

Accommodation: Provided

Car: Provided

Vacation: 9 weeks per annum, prorated

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