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An experienced teacher is sought for a role working as a full time Tutor with a 14-year-old boy in Monaco. The Tutor will be responsible for the boy’s education for at least the 2017-18 academic year, following the British school system. The position starts as soon as possible and will continue until the boy moves to London over the Christmas break. The successful candidate for this role will have extensive knowledge of the British system, and will be able to teach a large range of subjects up to and well beyond key stage 3.


The student currently attends a school near Monaco and is on the IB Middle Years Programme. He is a bright student who is achieving good grades, but with the guidance of an exceptional private tutor, he will likely excel. His favourite subjects are the sciences, mathematics, IT and anything technology based – he has a particular fondness for topics involving hardware. His range of interests outside the classroom include chess, tennis, skiing and swimming. He is also a keen fencer, and enjoys many other sports as a player and spectator, and he is happy to try out and get involved in new sports.

He is a typical 14-year-old boy – relatively quiet, a little shy and perhaps a bit unsure of the pathway from childhood to adulthood. This can make him appear a little cool and aloof, but it is likely that this will dissipate as he matures. Certainly, in a situation where he is relaxed, he is a warm, funny and engaging young man.

A native Russian speaker, the boy also has good spoken English and French. However, there is certainly room for improvement in both languages. He will benefit from strengthening his skills in spoken and written English – gains made in this area will likely help him improve his academic performance overall.

He responds best to the kind of teachers who show great energy and enthusiasm for their subject. Those who can inject a sense of fun and excitement into their lessons will capture his attention and natural curiosity. His favourite teacher to date was able to lead the class whilst maintaining a feeling of being in a permanent state of play. The teacher was fun and light-hearted but balanced this with a good sense of productivity – his students always left the classroom feeling like they had done good work and learned new things.

In contrast, his least favourite teachers are those who see themselves as being above reproach and almost better than the students they are charged with teaching. He also does not like those who make mistakes but don’t admit their errors either voluntarily or when challenged.

Role of the Tutor

This is an after-school support role, the main aim of which is to help prepare for the change in curriculum when the family moves from Monaco to London in 2018. The tutoring will take place alongside his studies at the International School, and it is important that the Tutor takes his existing studies into account, bolstering the lessons learned while at school and helping to ensure solid academic foundations are in place before the move.

Whilst periods of formal study are to be expected, the vast majority of the additional tuition should take place outside the classroom. One of the benefits of private tuition is the number of learning opportunities afforded by the local environment. The Tutor should design a series of activities, integrated study and excursions that all lend themselves to exciting, project based learning adventures.

Establishing a routine is also important, as is encouraging healthy habits, regular exercise, diet and mindfulness sequences, all of which will help the student to mentally prepare and perform to his highest abilities. He is a student with enormous potential, and it is hoped that taking a holistic approach to his studies will help him improve across the board.

This role potentially signals the start of a long-term tutoring position. On arrival in London, the plan is to home- school until at least September 2018. At this point, he may rejoin formal schooling, or it may be that the home-schooling is so successful he opts to continue studying with a Tutor independently. Regardless of the family’s plans for September 2018, the boy needs to start working with a suitable Tutor as soon as possible to help ensure a smooth transition to his new life in London in January.

The Tutor will need to combine excellent and inspiring teaching with superb record keeping and administrative skills. They should have a wide knowledge base and a range of interests that they can share with the family, and should look to extend his breadth of knowledge by covering subjects as diverse as astronomy, engineering and art. The Tutor should act as a mentor as much as an educator, helping to navigate the route from adolescence to adulthood and providing guidance for him as he becomes more independent and mature.

This role will suit a Tutor who has an excellent academic record, a strong sense of adventure, a passion for teaching and the ability to keep detailed plans and records of work covered. The Tutor must be organized, self- reliant, and independent. They should not require hand-holding for any aspect of the position, even if technology lets them down or their lesson plans for the day fall through. They should always keep something up their sleeve to interest or amuse. The Tutor should be eloquent, able to explain concepts simply, and to inspire with their enthusiasm for any given subject. He or she should be a natural communicator with a kind and caring disposition, and a firm-but-fair approach to their work.

Hours and Holidays

Over the course of the contract, the Tutor should expect to work an average of about 35 hours a week. He or she will be entitled to at least two consecutive days off per week, but should be flexible with their timing as they will need to fit their ‘weekend’ around the family’s travel plans or extra curricula activities. The Client will give the Tutor as much notice as possible regarding the timing of their ‘weekend’.

A typical week is not yet known but the Tutor should expect to be available as needed for from Sunday to Thursday inclusive, with preparation time in addition.

Standard contractual vacation allowance of a minimum of 9 weeks per annum applies to this contract. As per the Terms, the timing of breaks will be at the Client’s convenience.

Accommodation, Travel, and Miscellaneous

Accommodation in the form of a furnished apartment will be provided for the Tutor near the family home in Monaco. The Client will be responsible for all utility bills on this accommodation apart from the Tutor’s personal telephone use. The Tutor is responsible for the cost of their meals except for those taken while tutoring.

While in Monaco, if the Tutor does not already have a car, the client will cover all costs associated with public transport.

It is essential that the Tutor is a non-smoker and leads a healthy lifestyle. They must ensure that they hold adequate medical and travel insurance to cover themselves in Monaco.

Contractual details

Start: As soon as possible

Duration: Until 31 December 2017

Hours: Average of about 35 hours per week

Salary: £9,000 GBP per month

Accommodation: Provided

Car: Not provided

Vacation: 9 weeks per year prorated

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