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An experienced, energetic and broadly able teacher is required for a full-time tutoring role, providing full time after-school support to a 14-year-old boy, starting September 2017. The Tutor must be able to teach or support the entire US high school curriculum, with an eye towards graduating from high school in four years of work or fewer. This assignment is the continuation of long-term role that has at its core the goal of nurturing a love of academia, and preparing the boy for his future academic path.

In addition, the Tutor must be able to support as needed the boy’s older sister, who is a sophomore at a Tier 1 research university in Indiana, USA.


The student is the youngest of three children. He has been homeschooled for the last three years, following a British curriculum. He has two sisters who are now at University. He is a rambunctious, athletic, gregarious young man. He is motivated to succeed in school, but his past school experience was filled with uninspiring teachers, and this dented his enjoyment of the learning process. The last three years have largely mitigated the past, but there is still work to be done to eliminate completely the more lasting effects.

The student has ADHD and dyslexia, which significantly affect his education. His general manner displays many of the symptoms associated with these, such as difficulty in understanding instructions. The family have tried various methods in the past to help him manage his dyslexia. He struggled at school, though it is unclear how much of this struggle was due to his learning differences and how much was due to poor teaching. For example, he used to enjoy and excel at mathematics, but his grades (and confidence) dropped at school and the school could offer little in the way of extra support. For the last three academic years, he has been home schooled with a Tutor from Tutors International following the ISEB curriculum and the AQA GCSE curriculum. Despite his difficulties, it has become clear that he has a talent for foreign languages (French) and that in this context he is a good listener. He is also a very good actor, and he enjoys having the opportunity to demonstrate his performing skills across the range of subjects. The young man enjoys a number of extra-curricular activities including Warhammer and building sets in the Lego Creator series, and a wide range of sports and other physical activities.

The student likes teachers who are encouraging and motivating. He has seen the coaching methods employed by sports teachers and would like to see more of this positive, no-nonsense teaching in his other subjects. He enjoys practical, hands-on subjects like the sciences and technology lessons, and appreciates that he needs to be pushed in other subject areas to stay on topic. He is an able sportsman. He currently enjoys playing sports such as basketball, lacrosse, and padel tennis. He is also passionate about his local American football team and never misses the opportunity to watch them play.

The student’s older sister is a rising Sophomore at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. She is pursuing an education oriented towards the College of Arts and Letters, and is currently undertaking the general requirements necessary to progress into her major subject. She loves art and has diverse talents in many subject areas. She has had the support of a full time Tutor who will be retained next year. However, in order to provide maximum flexibility to the Client, it is important that her brother’s Tutor would be able to go to Indiana at short notice if necessary to support her instead. Her learning differences include symptoms of ADHD as well as difficulty with Executive Functioning and anxiety.

Role of the Tutor

Having used a British curriculum to homeschool their son for the last three years, his parents have decided to return to the American system. A Tutor with the breadth of subjects and experience necessary to deliver every subject in the standard US high school curriculum is therefore required, ideally for the next four years for consistency. The Tutor must be able to deliver the all age-appropriate subjects to a high standard. He or she must organize comprehensive courses for the student, with detailed lesson plans and built-in flexibility to work with the family’s fluid schedule. In addition to all of the normal subjects, it would be helpful if the Tutor can teach French, Spanish, and/or Latin.

The student will be enrolled at a very challenging local private high school as a day student. The Tutor will ensure that each night the student’s homework is completed to a high standard and the student understands thoroughly everything that he was taught that day. The Tutor must prepare the student with both short and long term goals in mind, ensuring that at each stage, the right courses are chosen and the student is fully equipped to handle the future evaluations and options he will encounter. Courses should be chosen that enable a wide range of university options. In the long term, preparing for the SAT/ACT exams will be needed, so it would be helpful if the Tutor himself has very high SAT or ACT scores with some experience preparing students for these exams.

The Tutor must be dedicated and disciplined in his/her own preparations as much as with the work produced by the student. A Tutor who has experience teaching on the move and using the venues of travel as occasions to explore new ideas would suit this aspect of the role well. The Tutor is expected to make full use of the surroundings – time spent in any location should include trips to relevant museums, exhibitions, plays and conferences as well as exploiting the natural resources for science, geology, geography and history lessons etc. The Tutor should plan creative lessons and projects that take full advantage of the immediate locale, integrating classroom lessons with outdoor, hands on study periods and practical science or technology sessions in the appropriate location. The family travels frequently. The student has, for example, so far enjoyed trips to the Bahamas, London, and Aspen CO, and his Tutors have found novel ways to educate him using the surroundings of each location. At home in Maryland the family has built a well-equipped science lab, and this allows for a very good level of science education to be delivered.

The Tutor should be well-educated with a wide range of interests and broad subject knowledge in addition to excellent specialist subject knowledge. Competitive candidates will have graduated from an American high school with a greater than or equal to 4.0 weighted GPA, and then graduated from a US News Top 25 Tier 1 Research University. It would be useful if he/she could bring a range of extra-curricular skills and interests that can be shared with the family, such as expertise in music, art, a particular sport or cuisine, a passion for debate, astronomy or other interesting subject that adds value to the children’s education. The family is accepting and broad-minded, and it would be helpful to have a Tutor who shared their values, or at least is able to keep their own to themselves. The successful applicant for this role will likely have broadened their own mind through overcoming some kind of significant adversity and by travel to experience a range of non-American cultures that goes deeper than the cursory tourist view.

The Tutor should be eloquent, able to explain concepts simply and able to inspire with his or her enthusiasm for any given subject. He or she should be a natural communicator with a kind and caring disposition, and a firm-but-fair approach to their work.

He or she must have some experience in SEN, especially dyslexia and ADHD, but does not need to have a specialist qualification. He or she should be familiar with some of the better-established management techniques, such as Orton-Gillingham, and be able to employ techniques such as the Davis Mastery programs for dyslexia, to help the student master trigger words, both in his writing and reading. New technologies should also be utilized, where applicable, such as dictation or typing software, and how use spell-checker effectively. It will also be essential for the Tutor to help the student develop lifelong techniques for managing his learning differences. The current Tutor has found that the technique of using a light box for work has been particularly successful. This has enabled the student to concentrate on his work for sustained periods. He has also, for example, concentrated on written and student book-based teaching. This has provided the student with easily accessible sources for revision. It has also helped to engender pride in his work. No doubt he will take pride in showing the new Tutor his work – something that he was unable to do two years ago.

Alongside the normal school day, the student will be taking part in other extra curricular activities such as sports, particularly American football. The boy’s timetable is tightly packed, so it is important that the Tutor is flexible in his or her approach to teaching, but strict enough to keep academic work on target.

The family have homes in Aspen and the Bahamas, and they own a large motor yacht, so the Tutor should be prepared to teach lessons in a variety of locations whilst at sea, cruising the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. The Tutor must remain flexible, with a youthful adaptability, but without any loss of discipline when accommodating the family’s organic schedule. This can often mean that plans may change at short notice, and therefore the Tutor must be all the more structured and organized.

The role will go to the person who best meets the requirements regardless of age, gender or marital status.

Hours and Holidays

This is a full-time position. The Tutor must be able to respond flexibly to the client’s requirements in terms of availability and working time. The Tutor should expect to be working with the student for at least 40 hours per week, and to fit their preparation time in during school hours as needed. The Tutor will be entitled to two consecutive days off per week, usually over the weekends. However, given the nature of the position and the family’s changing timetable, the Tutor should be prepared to adapt their plans to suit the Client’s requirements. Advanced notice will be given where possible.

The Tutor is entitled to a minimum of nine weeks (45 working days) paid vacation per annum. The dates for this will be at times convenient for the Client. Although they are likely to mirror the usual seasonal breaks they will not necessarily follow the pattern of school terms and holidays.

Accommodation, Travel, and Miscellaneous

Fully furnished accommodation with all modern conveniences including high speed Internet will be provided by the Client in easy commuting distance to their home. In Indiana, there is an apartment suitably supplied close to the university. During periods of travel, the Client is mindful of the need for appropriate privacy and security, and for creating a suitable working environment.

The Client will also make arrangements for a car for the personal use for the Tutor throughout their contract, and will cover all expenses involved in the running of this car for work-related purposes, including comprehensive insurance. The Tutor will be responsible for the costs arising from their own personal use of the vehicle, and for any damage they cause and which is not covered by insurance.

A specially designated schoolroom and science lab will be made available for the Tutor, and he or she is expected to assist in the purchase of supplies and resources. The schoolroom has been built specially for the tutoring in Potomac.

The family have houses in Aspen and the Bahamas as well as Potomac. They also have a large motor yacht that they plan to use extensively. The Tutor should therefore expect to travel extensively with the family, particularly on the yacht. During all travel, the Client will cover all expenses for the Tutor, and the tuition should continue irrespective of the location. Obviously, it is very important that the Tutor be amenable to life onboard the yacht.

The successful applicant for this role will be a non-smoker who leads a healthy lifestyle. He or she will be fit and physically active and takes regular exercise, able to run around and play a variety of sports and games with the boy. It would be advantageous if the Tutor also enjoys water and mountain sports, and at least knows the rules of American football.

Along with the usual confidentiality agreement required by Tutors International, there is a family non-disclosure agreement that the Tutor may be required to sign at interview with the Client. Further, any offer of a position will subject not only to the usual extensive background screening but also to thorough medical and drug use screening.

Contractual details

Start: September 2017

Duration: At least one year, with annual renewal

Hours: At least 40 per week

Salary: $108,000 USD

Accommodation: Provided

Car: Provided

Vacation: 45 days per annum

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