Are the salaries quoted on job adverts how much the tutor will actually be paid? Or does your % fee come from this amount?

The salaries quoted are the amounts you will actually be paid.

Once I have had my first interview/meeting with Tutors International would I then be eligible to be presented for interview for any client? Or would each application for a different tutoring role incorporate two interviews?

It depends on the nature of the role. When you apply for a position, and if we decide to call you to a preliminary interview, one of the things we discuss is the specifics of the position. We also ask you to agree to our Terms and sign what we call the Tutor Agreement which sets out the way that we will take your application forward. At this time you will also be asked to sign the Specification to say that you agree to the job description. If you later apply for another position we do not need to sign off anything else apart from the new Specification for that position, and it may be that we can discuss the role by phone rather than in person. Some jobs, though, are best discussed face to face.

We wish to apply for an advertised position as a couple job-sharing. We have both completed our registration online. Should we fill out one application together or two individually?

Please fill out two registrations and applications, one for each of you. In the summary sections please each mention that your application is joint with the other.

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