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A kind and supportive Orton-Gillingham-trained teacher is required to work with a boy, aged 11. This role, starting in September 2020, will supplement an existing remote school routine. The Tutor will use a direct and systemic approach to language teaching to help manage dyslexia and other language processing difficulties.

The role is likely to take place primarily in Silicon Valley, California, with other US locations on the table for the second semester.


The student is a lovely young man, both a great friend and part of a happy, welcoming family dynamic; he is helpful and smiley with a positive attitude towards school and life. He has a younger sister, who is 9 years old. A second tutor will support her learning in a similar way throughout the next academic year. In addition to being well-adjusted and generally content at school, he enjoys many other interests including football with his friends, hockey, tennis, golf, surfing and basketball.

He describes one of his greatest passions to be that of the family fishing boat. He adores being on the water and is studying for his own navigation license, while relishing the excitement and adrenaline of every catch. He is also extremely creative, handy and loves making things; for example, he recently built a chair out of cedar wood. Teachers have commented on his great hand-eye coordination and love of the outdoors; one of the family’s reasons for choosing California is the opportunity for plentiful outdoor experiences, especially during the winter.

In order to achieve good academic fundamentals and fulfilment, his parents addressed some learning struggles early on, consequently changing his school to one that follows the Orton-Gillingham approach from 2nd grade. Teachers and assessors recognised decoding issues, weakness in auditory working memory and other dyslexic tendencies from the outset. However, it must be noted that whilst reading fluency and pace do not come easily to him, his English learning is indeed progressing steadily on the whole. For example, he is developing great reading comprehension skills and understanding of literal information, making logical inferences and becoming forever more independent in his tasks. Autonomy and automaticity also extend to written work, whereby he consistently uses correct grammatical sentences and varied vocabulary.

His organisational, sequential and summarising abilities are all improving, along with the decoding of unfamiliar words and use of paragraphs in his own compositions; all of these areas will benefit from continued development. He uses expressive language and always tries his best. He requires a Tutor who will help him to reach new heights, conquer his current reading limitations and ultimately lead him to excel during the next academic year, thus combatting any current remote-learning hurdles.

He demonstrates strong mathematical skills and enjoys most other subjects. He is proficient in multiplication and division facts and the use of multidigit numbers. He needs to extend his word problem skills to include those with multiple steps, always favouring a teacher who is patient and fun, allowing him time and space to go back and revisit concepts until he feels comfortable. He also likes teachers who are approachable and do not mind his football games being a little rough with friends.

Attention and motivation do not lack in his case, moreover he is a well-organised and detail-orientated student. He boasts strong spatial, visual and fine-motor skills, along with a high social-emotional intelligence. He can be fairly sensitive, and undeniably experiences separation anxiety when away from his parents.

Role of the Tutor

This position is designed to reinforce and extend lesson content proportioned by the student's school (delivered online due to Covid-19 limitations). The Tutor will, therefore, facilitate learning in line with the year group’s objectives, ensuring the success of lesson delivery and understanding. The Tutor will be responsible for using their tailored one-to-one approach to its fullest, with the aim of facilitating explicit, direct learning, to which he responds more effectively than to open-ended situations. He needs to focus on concepts individually, before extending and applying them to other scenarios.

One of the Tutor’s main goals will be to promote progress and growth across the board and encourage the boy to reach and exceed peer expectations. They will introduce elements of learning in carefully structured sequences, establishing sound decoding strategies and application of tools to write linguistically complex sentences. He is currently in the highest maths group at school; he is exceedingly conscientious, with an admirable work ethic. The Tutor will be accountable for maintaining and augmenting his mathematical development, focusing on computation skills and step-by-step decomposition of problems.

The tutor will provide the presential element of his education, supporting the online classroom and offering a broad topic awareness to inspire his learning journey across the subject spectrum. Knowledge of his sporting, construction or other recreational interests would naturally be welcomed, along with familiarity with German or Spanish; He is exposed to both additional languages at home.

Training and experience with the delivery of O-G is essential in this role, along with experience of the American education system. The Tutor will be responsible for tracking progress against his individual needs, pacing instruction to suit him and providing supplementary material to address weaknesses and challenge areas of strength. The tutor will provide multisensory opportunities and give regular progress reports to parents, along with upholding a professional school-tutor liaison.

The tutor must respect the family’s wishes with regard to electronic devices, incorporating them mindfully in terms of their educational capacity and discouraging excessive use outside of school. Technology will, therefore, be demonstrated and used in order to promote its importance in the modern world.

Although geographical logistics are yet to be determined, it is thought that the first semester will take place in Silicon Valley, California. This location offers endless outdoor pursuits and a dynamic platform for the Tutor’s extended educational planning to incorporate his hobbies and interests. The role will unlikely include great amounts of travel beyond spring and winter holidays, however, the second semester may undertake a change in location. Possible destinations include: Sag Harbor, New York; Los Angeles, California; Palm Beach, Florida; or Austin, Texas. Regardless of travel plans, the ideal Tutor will always maximise the teaching and learning potential offered by their surroundings.

Hours and holidays

The Tutor is expected to work around 40 hours a week, shadowing and supporting school hours on weekdays. A degree of flexibility is required on the Tutor’s part, to cater for any changes in schedule.

The Tutor will be entitled to two consecutive days off per week, usually at weekends, in keeping with the general school timetable. The Client will endeavour to offer at least two weeks’ notice of when the Tutor’s ‘weekend’ break will fall. The standard minimum 9 weeks (45 working days) of paid vacation allowance applies to this contract. It is expected that the Tutor’s holiday will be taken at times based around the children’s schedules. The Client will endeavour to give two weeks’ notice of when these times will be.

Accommodation, Travel, and Miscellaneous

The Tutor will be provided with furnished accommodation within close proximity of the Client’s home. They will have access to a car if necessary and be responsible for their own personal phone bill; all other expenses will be covered by the Client.

As a healthy individual and non-smoker, the Tutor will serve as both a teacher and mentor, helping the student to reach his potential and ensure his consistent progress. They will be of a calm, yet fun disposition and able to offer many other positive and creative attributes which surpass the minimum requirements of this role. They will be responsible for their own health and travel insurance and will be guided through the visa application process for the US, if necessary.

Contractual details

Start: September 1, 2020

Duration: 12 months in the first instance

Hours: 40 hours contact time per week, with preparation in addition

Salary: $216,000 USD per year

Accommodation: Provided

Car: Provided when required

Vacation: 45 days per year

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