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Two capable and intelligent educators are required for assignments starting in September 2020. The role involves tutoring two children; a girl of 14 (Year 10) and a boy of 12 (Year 8).

Tutors International have been providing full-time home school education for this friendly, down-to-earth, family since September 2012. They have four children. The older two, having achieved excellent results in their A-Levels and IGSCEs have moved on to further study. The successful home schooling programme will continue with the younger two, probably until the completion of IGCSEs.

The family spend the majority of their time at their home and have set up a fully equipped school-house nearby. They have secondary residences throughout Europe, and also travel further afield from time to time.


The two children, a girl aged 14, and a boy of 12, have been home schooled on a full-time basis by Tutors International for 7 years and as such we have detailed descriptions of their achievements and progress.

The girl is an intelligent pupil with a warm and lively personality. She is ambitious to acquire new knowledge and skills and is eager to please her tutors. She has matured greatly over the last few months and is becoming a driven and conscientious student, eager to achieve her maximum potential in her approaching I/GCSE examinations. She demonstrates the greatest aptitude and enjoyment so far in the humanities, enjoying the creative processes in these subjects. Her reading, writing and comprehension skills are above the expected age range as a result of this. Furthermore, she is a passionate reader, tackling 2/3 books a week in a wide range of subjects covering both fiction and non-fiction. Regarding the Sciences, she also enjoys these subjects and likes to learn through practical, real-life experiences. She has also been developing her language skills in French and Italian, working alongside one her current tutors with a qualified Italian tutor who is French native and lives locally. She is about to embark on her French IGCSE course a year early. Her least favourite subject is Maths, but she is working hard to achieve good results and is gradually becoming more confident in this area.

Outside of school she attends drama school. As well as performing in group showcases, she also studies individual drama exams following the Trinity College syllabus, gaining a distinction at Grade 6 this summer. (equivalent to IGSCE drama exam). She has shown a strong aptitude for the performing arts and is passionate about the theatre. She is also a keen dancer. Having attended a local ballet school since the age of 4, she has recently taken up ballroom and latin dancing. Furthermore, she enjoys and plays tennis regularly, and also attends art class on Saturday mornings.

Her younger brother is enthusiastic, kind-hearted and energetic with a strong work ethic. He performs academically at a high level and enjoys his schoolwork. He is naturally inquisitive, an asset in any educational programme, and his academic progress attests to his application in all subject areas. His favourite subjects are currently Maths and Sciences, but he also enjoys the Humanities, in particular History, and Geography.

He began his subject based studies early, and so has begun secondary school ahead of the standard Year 7 curriculum in terms of content but is still developing analytical and evaluative abilities in line with his strongest peers. He also studies French and Italian with the local tutor. He enjoys all sports, and is a good team player. Outside of school he has played football with a local club since the age of 5 and plays tennis regularly. He has recently reduced his football to focus more on his tennis. He is a strong tennis player, and with increased training, will start competing regularly in National and International competitions.

The competencies of both pupils over an array of subjects and interests are testimony to their innate intelligence and appetite for learning. Both children are competent skiers.

Role of the Tutors

This role involves teaching a classical English curriculum in an unconventional way. The Tutors will ideally combine the academic rigour of a classical education with a flexible, open- minded and adventurous personality that thrives on things being done differently. This balance will enable them to respond positively to finding new ways of teaching that will inspire the children.

Between them the Tutors will be responsible for teaching a core curriculum of English language, English literature, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography and French to both students in individual lessons. It would be advantageous if other subjects could be offered, particularly Italian, Spanish, Classical Civilisations, or Computer Science. It is not absolutely essential that the Tutors are qualified teachers, but they should have in-depth experience of teaching or come from a strong education background in the British or International system.

Above all, they must love to learn as much as they love to teach - possessing the kind of intellectual curiosity that enables them to relish the challenge of mastering unfamiliar subject areas, while also having the confidence to cultivate that same attitude in their students.

It is possible that the older student will take some I/GCSEs at the end of Year 10, having started the courses in Year 9. The Tutors will need to be comfortable with picking up teaching part way through these courses and with the need to equip her with the revision and preparation skills necessary for navigating these early exams with confidence, encouraging her to view them as opportunities to excel in rather than ordeals to be feared.

This appointment is initially for one year, with an option for annual renewals, although it would be very much preferred if the Tutors stayed for at least two years to take the older student through her IGCSEs. The Tutors will need to design and deliver courses that solidify the extent of the schooling to date and progress them at least as quickly as the best schools, but without being pressuring or overbearing.

It will be essential for the Tutors to maintain meticulous, up-to-date records of achievement for both children and across all their subjects.

In addition to the formal teaching elements of this position, the successful applicants will have genuine passion outside the classroom; perhaps for the arts, sport, the environment etc. They will be keen to pass on their interests, such as a love of literature, theatre, poetry, music, cinema to the children. The Tutors are likely to have a good degree from a competitive university in a relevant subject. The Tutors should also be interested in, and enjoy, world affairs, politics, media and culture, as it is important that the children are well versed in these topics. The Tutors should have the intellectual scope to help develop the students into well rounded, intellectually curious and thoughtful world citizens.

Each appointed candidate will be highly educated, intelligent, well-travelled, responsible, practical, and down- to-earth, with a strong sense of fun and a wide range of personal interests they can bring to the role. The Tutors need to be physically fit and active. Skiing ability would be useful. Tutors will also need to be responsible for packing and moving any teaching materials they wish to take between the locations or use during periods of travel, so should be organised and practical.

Hours and Holidays

This is a full-time position and, as far as possible, will need to follow a carefully planned timetable. The Tutors should expect to work around 40 hours per week with preparation in addition. The Tutors will be entitled to an average of two consecutive days off per week, normally at the weekend, but it is essential that they understand the need to be flexible regarding the family’s travel plans and the children’s other activities. Although plans are made, they are often changed at short notice, meaning that it is sometimes inconvenient for the Tutors, as they might have to change social arrangements and other plans.

Though the schedule for a standard working day is fixed there are times when some co-operation and teamwork with the family is needed and expected. For example, the Tutors should be willing to be involved with the children outside school, and to participate in events that are meaningful to them and the family in general. The family are very close and are very keen for a friendly and fun learning environment to be built for their children. The Tutors' attitudes to such things as invitations to join in after school activities, meals etc, is therefore very important. A willingness to participate and to be a pleasant companion for the whole family outside the classroom is important.

The Tutors will be entitled to 9 weeks (45 days) holiday per year. This will be taken at times agreed with the Client. It will usually be broadly in line with ‘standard’ school holiday periods.

Accommodation, Travel, and Miscellaneous

Furnished accommodation will be available for the Tutors in all locations. This may be an apartment, house, or guesthouse at the Client’s properties.

As well as the family home, there are additional homes in Europe, which the family travel between. In addition, the home schooling arrangement gives the family freedom to travel to other locations, and the Tutors should expect trips further afield.

The ideal applicants will have plenty of experience, enthusiasm and energy. They will need a track record of preparing students for excellence and must be capable of adapting their working style to fit the variable circumstances of working with two children at home or while travelling.

The Tutors must be non-smokers, physically fit, imaginative and inventive. They must be confident drivers.

Contractual details

Start: September 2020

Duration: 1 year initially, with annual renewals

Hours: 40 hours average per week, plus preparation

Salary: £84,000 GBP per year

Accommodation: Provided

Car: Provided

Vacation: 9 weeks per year

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